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collaborative art project using recycled materials with elementary school by Joe LaMantia
Woven Lives, Hopes and Dreams
Mixed Media/New and Recycled Materials
30'(H) x 14'(L) x 30"(D)

This project was created in the spirit of celebration at this intermediate school. As part of the intended annual celebration, 6th graders parade through the sculpture away from the school while the 5th graders parade through the sculpture toward the school, in a commemorative right of passage.

The two black (utility) poles represent the 5th and 6th grades. The seven metal ribbons represent the seven elementary schools that filter in to this intermediate school. Along the bottom of each pole are yellow thumb prints placed joyfully by students, teachers, parents, staff and visitors. At the top of each pole is a globe containing a time capsule. The time capsules contain notes from the students who worked on the initial project, answering contemporary questions such as, "What's your favorite movie?" The capsules are be removed in 10 years time, and mailed to those students as a reminder of their collaborative experience.This project leaves the doors open to future students to replace the original notes with their own, creating an ongoing creative experience for the school community.